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This Sharepoint app is a free 3D text messenger web part where your messages will tumble towards you. After a brief pause, the message will tumble away. Based on the popular Effect Maker Flash effect RollingMessage.

You can set texts, links and colors in the web part's properties. You can also set the text speed, number of rotations and the time you want the message stands still. Links can be relative if you want to link within your site collection, or they can be absolute, in which case a URL target for these can be used. The URL target can be used with the standard HTML target configurations like _blank, _self, _new, e.t.c.

The Sharepoint App Rolling Message from Mandomartis

This web part is easy to configure where you can have a maximum of 20 messages

The app is based on HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript using the Sharepoint 2013 API. It's a Sharepoint-hosted app which doesn't require any tenancy on your sharepoint collection. Only design rights are needed to edit the web part. No server side code is used. The app also works with public Sharepoint web sites.

IMPORTANT NOTES! Two restrictions exist for this effect, you can only have max 20 messages and you cannot exceed the maximum configuration character size of 1950 characters. If you do, your web part will appear blank. If this happens, start removing message by message until you start seeing the effect again. Also, on Internet Explorer 8.0 or earlier web browsers, you won't see any rotational effect on the text!


Rolling Message was developed by Anibal Wainstein

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