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Mandomartis is working on the sub hunter game Ship Marauder for Android. The game is based on the old MMShipMarauder game from 1999 and is right now in early concept phase.

Ship Marauder Android Game

In Ship Marauder, you will be able to hunt down convoys around your base, sink them and loot their cargo, which you can then trade with other bases or use it to expand your base.


Ship Marauder Action Screen

You will be able to get new weapons for your sub. Sometimes you get powers from the gods like for instance the spear of Martens (Mars), the god of war, or an owl-strike from Minervas favourite pet which you can use to pulverize your enemies instantly. Of course, this involves a lot of sucking up to them.

The game will feature both RTS and RPG like elements involving an advanced economic simulation. It's inspired by games like X3, silent hunter and all kinds of RPG games. The game will be free to play and funded by in-app purchases.


Custom Game Development

Mandomartis also does custom game development. For more information about this, take a look at the consulting page.

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