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Anibal's Essential Applets

Some of the applets from the Anibal's Essential Applets package

These are the applets any serious web designer should have. In the Anibal's Essential Applets collection you will find several types of Java applets like menus, scrollers, messages, and more. Many of these applets are also freeware, unrestricted and available for download. If you are looking for more serious applets then this package is for you.

Game Development

Four of our games. On top there are the games Acres Of Gold and Azov which works online and can be downloaded. The other two at the bottom are the games PuzzleGame and SolitaireGame which are part of the Advanced Effect Maker package and which can be completely adapted for your web page by customizing the backgrounds, colors and text.

Anibal's Violent Playground

The applet MMTommyGunMessage.

The Anibal's Violent Playground Java applet package is a collection of the most destructive Java applets on the Internet. These Java applets are completely free and unrestricted. The main goal of this package is to provide game related sites with menu and message applets of a more non-serious nature. If you want to use the Visual Applet Configurator with these applets your should know that there is also a VAC plugin available with all these applets.


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