Mandomartis Consulting Services

Android App development

We can create the app you need for your business. Our developers have decades of experience with Java development and many years developing Android Apps. Check out our products page to see what we are capable of.

Sharepoint App development or support

Do you need a special app for your Sharepoint 2013 site? Or just need help setting up a working environment with necessary custom workflows, lists and scripts? We can do it for you. Mandomartis are Microsoft partners with long Sharepoint experience and can offer you help at good rates! You just HAVE to see our App page to see the potential of Sharepoint and what we can do for you!

Web Development

Mandomartis has worked extensively with advanced Internet technologies such as Java Server Pages, Java Servlets and MySQL. We can fullfill your ideas at a low price. Since we also know JavaScript/JQuery and Flash effect development, we will be able to give your web page extra technological muscle against your competitors.

Game Development in Macromedia Flash

How about offering a tailored chess game with your company colors and logo for your web page visitors? Or maybe a pacman? A game in your page will improve your trademark and make your visitors remember you. Mandomartis can do development of custom Internet games for companies. The development time for a Flash game could be between 30-60 hours. Invent your own game which is related to your business, and we'll do it for you!

Take a look at our previous work

Apart from the work we have made in Mandomartis, take a look at the consulting work we have done for other companies:

Java Tetris game banner applet for CTRL Publishing Systems
CTRL PRINT Development for CTRL Publishing Systems
Java online Car game for Belize Diesel
Java freeware applet for Software Solutions (NET)
Internet AD-tracking robot for Tentake
Anfy Team PMS communication system
Satsafe Personal Alarm GIS tracking software
Diabetes Tools (Management)
Dialogue Technologies Personal Assistant Android App

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